BAM 110 Queen Street

Long-standing client BAM Properties acquired 110 Queen Street, a prestige site in Glasgow City Centre. Plans were established to redevelop the site into a major commercial and retail building at the heart of Glasgow’s arts and heritage zone.

With a 5-year project lifespan planned, Open were commissioned from day one to concept not only a striking identity for the building, but one with longevity for application pre, during and post construction in 2015.

Property & Construction

How we helped:


It was essential for the brand identity to reflect Glasgow’s heritage in a contemporary and intriguing way, which could be developed across a range of marketing collateral, building hoardings and online activities over the project's lifespan.

The core creative idea was inspired by the iconic statue of the Duke of Wellington, located opposite the building. Invariably capped with an orange traffic cone by local revellers, this happy accident provided inspiration for a playful yet sophisticated identity encapsulating local pride, humour and modernity.

"The brief was to create a distinctive identity for the project which could flex to suit the twists and turns of the marketing campaign. The brand not only gave us a great personality but has also translated effectively across all elements. We’re delighted with the results."

John Burke
Executive Director, BAM Construct UK Limited

“The team took a very complex subject and did their homework thoroughly which resulted in a first class piece of work. They made us think more laterally about our market perceptions."

Chris Gilmour
Design and Marketing Director, BAM Construct UK Limited