Come on in. We are Open.

We are an independent, creative agency specialising in advertising, branding, communications, digital design and exhibitions. Here at Open, we combine insight, inspiration and an integrated approach that delights, provokes, educates, influences and informs. We create work based on a great idea that runs through any media channel to drive engagement, build awareness, grow business and spark action. Because we know that a compelling idea doesn’t just get attention – it also gives you a competitive edge. 


For us, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We’re curious, creative and constantly exploring new channels. We work closely with you, finding out what makes you tick and listening to your needs. Once we understand, we develop inspiring, original ideas that don’t just look the part, but most importantly deliver results.


We live and breathe creativity. The activities we take part in outside the studio influence our thinking and processes inside the studio. We pour all our enthusiasm into everything we do, so each one of our projects is bursting with creative energy and fresh, intelligent ideas.


We’re not just good with the creative stuff; we’re savvy, too. We’ve got an eye for detail and a head for numbers. So we work wisely with budgets, keep objectives front of mind and stay focused on finding ingenious solutions. That way, we can be sure we’re getting the very best results for each and every client.


We still have the same dedicated spirit and creative spark we had when we opened, back in 1983. We’ve understood the changing market and exploited new technologies to our clients’ advantage. And because we’re a small agency, we’re agile in our approach and can respond quickly to meet your brief.