Nine Elms

As Boris Johnson said, “Nine Elms will be quite possibly the most important regeneration story in London and in the UK over the next 20 years. It’s one of the most exciting things happening in this city.”

Marketing company ‘Nine Elms on the Southbank’ are engaged in publicising this outstanding development and required a prestigious brochure to market it, both in the UK and overseas.


How we helped:


To create a striking communications package which highlighted the key projects in the Nine Elms development.

Using the '9' of 'Nine Elms' as our starting point, we created a countdown to the big launch with each number representing a different aspect of the development, from community arts to world-leading architecture. A B2B piece, it was essential the brochure was cost-effective to produce while emanating a high-spec finish to attract investment. Loose inserts featuring a site map were held in the brochure with bold pink elastic.